Most newborns love the security and safety of a tight swaddle. Swaddling allows babies to sleep longer by preventing them from waking from Moro Reflex (Startle Reflex) or scratching their face. Getting a tight swaddle with a receiving blanket can be challenging and result in your baby wriggling out and waking up. Then there is also a risk of the blanket covering their face if they wriggle out of the swaddle. In comes the Woombie, which eliminates all those worries because it is a cocoon-like sac that zips around your baby keeping their limbs and body cozy. Made from a cotton and lycra breathable fabric blend, the sac is snug but does not restrict movement. The two-way zipper allows for easier diaper changes but also has a velcro cover so the baby can’t get hurt from the zipper. The Woombie comes in many colors, sizes, types and fabrics (Organic, Summer, Winter) so regardless of size and weather, you can keep using it as long as your baby allows. Woombie also makes sacs that convert to sleep-sacks where the arms are free or sacs where the legs are separated so the baby’s arms can be swaddled but legs free for harnessing a baby in a swing, stroller etc.