Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Safety Duck Tub

The Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Safety Duck Tub is an inflatable tub that fits inside a regular size bath tub. It has a dot that turns white then the water is too hot and the dot turns blue when the water is too cold. It has a textured floor so your baby does not slip,  is fully padded on all sides and has a contoured head rest. It inflates fast and deflates and folds easily for travel. It can be used on the counter or bath tub so suction cups on the bottom prevents it from slipping but also allows you to hang it for drying. The beak squeaks to entertain your baby. The Duck Tub is best for babies sitting from 6-24 months. The Duck Tub is an iParenting award winner and is inexpensive at $15 so it may not be a bad buy for at home and on the go.