Adiri NxGen Nurser

The newly released Adiri NXGen Nurser bottle by Reliabrand is an award-winning, patented baby bottle. It was won many prestigious awards for its unique design and function. The bottle is made to mimic a woman’s breast (looks like a round large top) so your baby experiences less nipple confusion because it encourages open-mouth feeding as babies do when nursing.  The nipple is made from a soft, medical grade silicone and comes in 4 flow rates. The bottle comes apart in 4 pieces, bottle, lid and bottom cap and warming plate, is dishwasher safe, polycarbonate free and BPA free.

The Adiri NXGen Nurser works differently than all bottles out there in that you put on the cap, turn it upside down, unscrew the bottom and fill the bottle. The bottle comes with a green warming plate attached to the bottom cap to prevent bottle leakage and keep the milk warm. The warming plate must be removed when feeding so your baby gets the proper air flow from the patented one-way “Petal Valve.” The valve equalizes pressure in the bottle, preventing the nipple from collapsing while drinking and also reducing the amount of air the baby swallows. The greatest re-purposing of this bottle is that once you are no longer using the bottle, the cap and warming plate can be used as a snack pod.

There are many reviews of the Adiri bottle that complain about leakage but the newly redesigned cap has addressed that issue.