Bright Starts Doodle Bugs Around We Go Activity Station

The Doodle Bugs Around We Go Activity Station by Bright Starts is a seat that rotates 360 degrees around the perimeter of a table top filled with toys that are perfect for playing and chewing (for teethers).

The toys included on the table are:

  • Electronic piano with flip book – 3 play modes (fun songs, piano keys, silly songs)
  • Pond station with bead chaser, popping fish, spinning dragonfly and sliding fish character
  • Frog popper with swirling beads and large mirror
  • Ratcheting bee, spinning bee, bendable bug stalk
  • When your baby starts standing, remove the seat and use as a stand alone activity table with or without the toy tray
  • Table comes with a removable and washable snack tray
  • Seat –  rotates on wheels,can be locked, has a washable cover that is easy to take off
  • Seat is intended for babies older than 4 months, less than 25 pounds and less than 30 inches tall
  • Electronics on the toy tray runs on 3 C batteries.
  • Your baby should be sitting unassisted
  • Do not use around stairs
  • Do not immerse toys in water
  • Do not freeze teething toys
This is a one of a kind activity station that many parents love because their baby has freedom to move in a contained place but also plenty of entertainment. In addition, it grows with your baby so it has long term use.