Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier Original Classic

The Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier Original Classic is the best selling and cheapest baby carriers on the market! It is a great basic baby carrier that is safe, very easy to use and durable.


  • Baby can face in or out
  • Can be used with a newborn facing inward with the neck support which can later be folded down once your baby has head control
  • Weight limit is 25 pounds (low compared to other carriers such as Ergo or other Baby Bjorn carriers)
  • Comes in 8 color options
  • Machine washable
  • Adjustable straps
  • Made from 100% Cotton/Oeko Tex Class 1 Certified material
  • Front buttoning system – allows baby to be removed from carrier without waking them up (front part can be removed completely)
  • Small enough to fit into a diaper bag
The one big drawback is that most of the weight of this carrier lies on the shoulders and upper back which some people do not like as much because the weight is not distributed. This carrier works for people who do not plan on carrying their baby for hours on end or doing any strenuous activity with their baby.