KidCo PeaPod

The KidCo PeaPod is a travel tent for infants and children. It comes with an inflatable mattress (pump included) to cushion children from the hard floor. The UV fabric, wind screens and zippered screen windows allow for protection when outdoors and visibility anywhere. The PeaPod is very easy to open and is and it comes with its own travel bag and instructions for how to fold, reshape and fit back into the bag. When folded the tent in the bag is fairly compact. These lightweight tents are perfect for taking to the beach, vacation etc. KidCo makes 9 different PeaPod tents that range in features from basic to full-featured.

I have the PeaPod and my boys used it quite a bit when they were babies. They both disliked sleeping in a portable crib when we travelled so the PeaPod served us well when we were out of the house. It is smaller than a portable crib so easy to take on the go and a private space for baby to sleep.