A Video Monitor that Skypes

The Home & Away Portable Digital Video Monitor by First Years is the first audio/video monitor that allows parents to monitor their baby in the house but also see on their baby when out of the house via Skype. Requiring no additional subscriptions or purchases, the Home and Away connects to any PC and acts as a webcam so you can see and talk to your baby from any where in the world. While connected to the PC, you can remotely take pictures and video of your baby. Grandparents can share in the fun of your baby via Skyping with the Home and Away. The video camera ensures a 100% private connection so rest assured that no one else can see your baby unless you give them permission.


  • Parent unit – 3.5 inch scree, belt clip and stand to keep upright on table, runs on¬†rechargeable¬†battery so simply plug-in AC adapter to charge,
  • Pan and zoom from parent unit but camera does not move remotely so can only zoom and pan the image it is on
  • 650 ft range in the house
  • 2 way talk to soothe baby – acts as a walkie-talkie
  • Camera – talk back volume control, runs on AC adapter or batteries, built-in night-light
  • Scan feature if have multiple cameras (up to 3)
  • ONLY PC compatible – DOES NOT work with MAC (no plans for MAC compatible software)
  • Displays a black and white image at night and color image during the day
  • Operates at 2.4 GHz so may interfere with other electronics on the house
Overall the First Years Home & Away Portable Digital Video Monitor has received great reviews. If you travel a lot or have family that would love to see and talk to your baby, this is an easy way to make it happen. Retailing at $189.99 it is in the mid-range of Summer Infant video monitors.