Plum Organics Baby Food Pouches

When your baby hits 4-6 months you will start thinking about feeding your baby solid foods. The easy part is deciding if you are going to serve your baby homemade food or will you buy it. If you decide to make it then are you going to buy a baby food processor or use what you have at home? If you decide to buy baby food – what brand of baby food will you buy?

One fantastic brand for store bought baby food is Plum Organics Baby Food Pouches. They are mess-free, organic, easy to take on the go baby food pouches. These pouches are so easy to use, simply twist off the cap and squeeze the food into your baby’s mouth. If your baby does not finish the food then put the cap back on and save for later.┬áThese are simple purees with a smooth texture and no sugars, preservatives, juice, colors or flavors added. They are 100% natural foods that come in BPA free pouches. The food can be served at room temperature, chilled or warmed by placing the pouch in a bowl of warm water.

The “Just Line” is for first stage eaters and come in 6 single fruit varieties. These are perfect first food introductions for your baby.

The “Second Blends” for stage 2 eaters are combinations of pureed fruits and vegetables.

The Plum Organics pouches are not only for babies, toddlers can enjoy them as a self-feeding, healthy snack. The toddler line also includes Fiddlesticks (fruit and grain sticks), Fruity Fingerfuls (freeze-dried fruit and grain bites) and Mish Mash (fruit and grain mix or fruit puree).

Plum Organics teamed with Boon to create a Plum Dispensing Spoon that attaches to the spout of the pouch (by twisting on) to easily feed your baby from the pouch. Simply squeeze the food from the pouch and it ends in the spoon. The spoon is BPA, phthalte and PVC free and comes in its own container.