Beaba Bib’expresso

Are you bottle feeding your baby? Do you have space on your kitchen counter for another cool appliance? If you answered yes to both questions then we have found the coolest (but expensive) all-in-one contraption. The Beaba Bib’expresso is a bottle warmer, sterilizer, bottle storage and food warmer. Within seconds you can prepare a bottle of milk that is heated to the perfect temperature (98 degrees F). The Bib’expresso simplifies bottle preparation by using its patented unique water flow system mixes formula quickly thereby reducing air bubbles and eliminates hot spots in the milk.

How to use:

Simply place formula in the bottle (bottle sits on the container grid), pour water into the well at the top, press a button and 30 seconds later a light will flash, press down on the water distribution button and the water flows into the bottle. The machine is similar to a single cup coffee maker – simple and easy to use.

How to warm up a bottle of prepared milk or jar of baby food:

If you all ready have a bottle prepared with formula or breastmilk  (or a jar of baby food) and simply need to warm it up then fill up the well with water to the max line, immerse the bottle into the water bath and press one of 2 buttons depending on if the bottle was at room temperature or refrigerated. The bottle/food warmer is removable from the main appliance and can be used on its own. Once the bottle is warm, the unit will switch off and beep 3 times.

How to sterilize bottles:

The storage on the back fits up to 3 10-oz bottles. To sterilize, simply remove the container and place it on its side, fill with bottles and then water and place sterilizer in the microwave for 4-6 minutes. When not sterilizing then the container can be used to store bottles. Due to vent holes on the container, let the water cool before removing from the microwave.

How to clean the machine:

The whole machine is self-cleaning by a steam system. Just press a button it turns on and cleans and turns off when it is done.

The Beaba Bib’expresso is genius! If you are going to be warming up bottles often then this is the bottle warmer for you!