Cleanoz Easy Nasal Aspirator by Ubimed

In December, the kind people at Ubimed sent me a Cleanoz Easy Nasal Aspirator Kit to review. The minute I opened the box, I was curious to see how it works but I was waiting until one of my kids had a stuffy nose so I could really see how well it works. Well lo and behold my 2 1/2 year old got a cold right before my 3rd baby was born. (Luckily he is over the cold and my 12 day old did not get sick). I tried out the Cleanoz on my son and was surprised how well it works. He was wary of it at first but with a small battle he let me try it out on him. The first time he hated it because the vibration noise scared him but once he realized that it does not hurt then subsequent uses were much easier. Once his nostrils were cleared he was so much happier and it worked way better than the bulb syringe (which he hates) and way better than blowing his nose since he has not figured out how to do that well.

The PTPA approved Cleanoz Nasal Aspirator was developed by a certified Pediatric Ear, Nose and Throat Doctor who saw the need for a safe, effective and quick nasal aspirator that works better than the traditional bulb syringe. It is the only nasal aspirator that uses disposable reservoir nozzles which are designed to eliminate bacteria build-up inside the pump. The disposable nozzles are soft and flexible and the cone-shape prevent from deep penetration so as not to harm the baby’s nose.

The way it works is simple:

1. Insert a new disposable reservoir nozzle into the Cleanoz Nasal Aspirator (moisten edges for easier insertion).

2. Place a few drops of saline solution in baby’s nose to loosen secretions.

3. Cover the easy empty hole located at the bottom of the transparent tank with your finger. Then with the same hand, press the on/off button for a few seconds while nozzle is in the nose to clear out nasal secretions. The Cleanoz will automatically stop when the reservoir is full (reservoir expands like a balloon).

4. Empty the reservoir over a tissue by uncovering the easy empty hole.

5. Continue as needed with the same nostril or the second nostril.

* The same disposable nozzle can be resued in the same day but then should be disposed at the end of the day. To rinse the nozzle in the same day, suck up clean water into the reservoir (as in step 3). Then clean the tip with an antiseptic wipe.


  • The battery pack on the Cleanoz is secured by protective screws.
  • The same nasal aspirator can be used by different children by replacing the nozzle
  • Ergonomic design allows for left or right handed use
  • Large on/off button makes it easy to press when using.
The Cleanoz easy Nasal Aspirator Kit includes:
  • Cleanoz Nasal Aspirator
  • 3 reservoir replacement tips
  • Multilingual user manual
Add ons:

In my opinion the Cleanoz Nasal Aspirator is very effective for babies and toddlers who have not quite figured out how to blow their nose well. For $29.99 you can have your very own Cleanoz – it is not cheap but for your baby’s happiness and as a result the parent’s happiness, it is worth it!