Smart Mom Jewelry – Teething Bling

After reading so many great reviews about Teething Bling, I was excited to have a chance to review a teething pendant. I received a Jade Donut Shaped Pendant from Smart Mom Jewelry and I was impressed the minute I saw it because it really looks like jewelry.

For those of you who have never heard of Teething Bling, Smart Mom Jewelry makes non-toxic, BPA-free, Phthtalte free, PVC free, latex free and lead free pendants and bangles for moms. The pendants and bangles are made from the same FDA approved medical-grade, food-safe silicone  as teething toys, except they look better.

Smart Mom Jewelry was launched in 2002 by two moms who had a vision to make teethable jewelry that is fashionable for mothers and safe for babies. Babies love to chew on things and when mom is holding them they will try to grab her jewelry and put it in their mouth. Teething Bling solves the problem by making a safe teether for baby that mom is wearing.

Teething Bling is completely safe to use but it is NOT intended for babies or children to wear (they do have a tween line of pendants). It is only meant for adults to wear! An important safety feature is that the necklace cords are made from nylon and have a breakaway clasp for safety.

My daughter is still not teething yet but I can’t wait till I can start wearing it and for her to use it. I remember so many times with my sons when they needed something to chew but their teething toy fell and was dirty or we did not have a teething toy handy. If I had been wearing a Teething Bling pendant or bangle, I never would have had to worry about not having a teething toy for them, I can see how the pendant will be so useful.

The pendants come in many different colors and styles and the bangles come in a wide range or colors. The greatest thing about Teething Bling is that it is not expensive jewelry! If you have a teether or will soon, buy one and you will be so happy you did!