Blooming Bath

Bath time with a newborn can be difficult. Take it from me… a mom for the third time with a 1 month old. I use a traditional plastic bath tub and padded bath sling for my little girl which does the job but it can be difficult because you have to find a place to put the plastic tub (in the bath or on the floor can be tiring to lean over so much or the bathroom counter  which can be dangerous with 2 young children who are always curious during bath time) and you have to be extra careful with your baby from slipping around n the tub. Blooming Bath would make life a lot easier to bathe a newborn.  It is the genius concept of 4 dads who found the job of bathing a difficult one so they came up with an easy, practical, fun way to give your baby a bath. Blooming Bath is a soft, cuddly, sunflower shaped cushion insert that conforms to the shape of any standard sink.  Its super easy to use…simply put the cushion in any sink, spread out the petals, put the baby in and add water. After you are done with the bath, rinse it, wring it out and put it in the dryer for 10-15 minutes or hang it to dry. Once your baby graduates to a big tub, this durable cushion can also be used at the bottom of a big bath tub so your baby does not slip and slide around or if they do fall they won’t hit their head on the hard side. The super plush Blooming Bath comes in 3 bright colors – yellow, blue and pink.