Boppy Travel Pillow

Boppy outdid themselves once again with the Boppy Travel Pillow. It has all the perks of the traditional Boppy Pillow plus more. The Boppy Travel Pillow folds in half, zips closed and comes with a handy carrying strap. When folded it is the size of an average purse and even looks like a purse when carrying it. On the side of the outer cover there is a small pocket to store small items such as a pacifier, keys, phone etc. The pillow also comes with velcro straps so it hang it off a stroller. When open, the Travel Pillow is almost the same size as the traditional Boppy Pillow so you still have a full size nursing pillow when on the go. The Boppy Travel Pillow is machine washable and can be clipped around the waist to keep it from moving. It comes in 2 great colors – Olivia (pink) and Gray Dot.

If you are one of those people who wished they had the Boppy Pillow when you are feeding out and about then the Boppy Travel Pillow is a great investment for you. It gives you the support you need when feeding with the compact carrying.