If you have not heard of InnoBaby, you will be glad you are reading this post because their products are awesome! Founded by 2 moms, InnoBaby’s mission is to “deliver high quality smart juvenile solutions that can benefit mom and baby (and dad’s too).”  Their products do just that by being innovative, practical and useful. All InnoBaby products are BPA free, Phthalte free, PVC free and lead free. In addition, all silicone parts are free of petroleum based chemicals and made of non-porous material so as not to harbor bacteria.

I was looking for a new bottle for my newborn when InnoBaby gave me the opportunity to review the Nursin SMART Grow-With-Me Silicone Nursing System/Essential Starter Beginner Kit.

In the Kit:

  • 5-oz silicone bottle with bottle ring, nipple ring and cap
  • Type A silicone spoon for liquids
  • Stage 1 natural nipple for use from birth to 3 months

The bottle is made of the highest quality medical grade silicone which is in contrast to most bottles which are made of plastic or glass. This soft, flexible bottle is lightweight and made to last through the toddler years. Due to its durability, it can also be resued from child to child which makes this feeding system an economical one.

The bottle provides many benefits and addresses all feeding challenges from birth to toddler:

  • Naturally reduces colic without additional parts
  • Supports breastfeeding moms as supplemental bottle feeding solution
  • Supports babies with feeding challenges such as cleft palates or babies who are prematurely born
  • Great solution for weaning & other transition stages
  • Increase emotional IQ with soft silicone bottle that resembles skin-to-skin contact during feeding

Included in the kit is a Type-A silicone spoon which can be used in place of the nipple. It has a small opening for infant use and a great way to prevent bottle preference by offering a spoon for supplemental feedings of formula or breastmilk, rather than a nipple. The spoon is also useful for feeding preemies and babies with cleft palates. Not included in the kit is the Type-B silicone spoon which has a larger opening for feeding baby food. The Type-B spoon along with the squeeze bottle makes for spoon feeding easy and effective.

I tried the bottle with my daughter last night and loved it. The bottle did not leak and my daughter took to it right away. I love that it has 4 easily washable parts which makes it fast to clean. I did not try the spoon yet but I will try that next so when it comes time to transition to a sippy cup she will not be bottle dependent.

The other product that InnoBaby sent me is the Stack-n-Seal Packin SMART. This is a 4 container all-in-one food or liquid storage solution for home or on the go. The 4 containers stack on top of each other to make it a compact space saver. Each container is designed for storing about 1/2 cup or 10 oz of homemade baby food, yogurt, juice, formula, snacks, pacifier etc.

Included in the set:

  • 4 containers
  • 4 dispensing lids
  • 1 cap
  • 1 base

The containers are securely stacked and uses a twist-to-seal interlocking design. The bottom of each container serves as a built-in cap. The lids are funnel shaped to make dispensing easy. The great thing is that you can stack as few or as many containers as you need with interchangeable lids, base and containers. The Stack-n-Seal is dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe. I can’t wait to use the Stack-n-Seal when I start making baby food for my daughter. Instead of taking many different containers for her food and snacks when on the go, this will be way more convenient. The Stack-n-Seal is available in available in a wide variety of colors, designs and set options.

I am now a converted InnoBaby product user. I love the 2 products that I tried and I can’t wait to buy and try some of their other products. Check them out if you have not all ready!