Knot Genie

Do you have children who’s hair gets so tangled that they scream in pain when you brush it out? My son has hair that is a little longer so it  gets knotted in the back. I can’t have him going to school looking like a mess so I need to brush it out and boy does he hate it! Two days ago I received the Knot Genie for review and I was a little skeptical that it would make a difference because it looks like a regular hair brush. I was wrong!

The Knot Genie is a “detangling brush” that claims to “magically get rid of knots.” I immediately tried the brush on my son and he did not complain and actually said he liked it. I tried it on myself and the brush slid through my unbrushed hair effortlessly. The Knot Genie works well in all hair types – curly, straight, wet or dry and works due to the unique bristle configuration. The different length bristles bend just right to easily take out knots and leave the hair unharmed thereby minimizing split ends and breakage. The cloud shape brush fit perfectly in my palm which made it easy to hold. The one thing that I absolutely loved about the Knot Genie is that it felt like a head massage when I brushed my hair. I can’t wait till my daughter is a little older and has longer hair. I can actually grow her hair out and not worry about her screaming in pain as I brush her hair.

If you or your child has a tough time with hair knots then consider the Knot Genie – it truly is magical! The Know Genie comes in 5 different colors and is available online for $19.99.