Boon Glo Nightlight

Boon has been known to have cutting edge, inventive products and they did it again with their Glo Nightlight. The sleek, contemporary nightlight features a white base with 3 white pedestals sticking straight up from the base with glo balls at the end of each pedestal. The nightlight charges the balls so they can be removed and still retain the glow.

Glo Facts:

  • Removable glo balls act as portable nightlights
  • Glo balls are not electronic so they are cool to the touch and will not break
  • Light in the phosphorescent balls last for 30 minutes then fades to dark
  • Sliding switch on the bottom allows you to set a color, set to clear or set to the automatic color changing setting
  • L.E.D base and pedestals are low energy and cool to touch
  • Included 9 volt power adapter
  • BPA, phthalate and PVC free glo balls

The Boon Glo Nightlight is a safe and fun nightlight for children afraid of the dark because it provides them with light and security. The greatest and most fun aspect is that children can hold on to the balls and fall asleep as the balls slowly fade to dark. The sticker price is the only shocking thing about the Glo. If you have some money to spare on an expensive nightlight then this is by far the best one to buy!