Sony BabyCall Nursery Monitor NTM-910YLW

The Sony BabyCall Nusery Monitor has received many positive professional reviews. As with most Sony products, this monitor is built well and built to last. With 27 channels and 900 MHz frequency, interference is at a minimum. The sound quality is clear and extra sensitive. With 2 sound modes, you will never miss your baby’s tiniest peep. There is the regular mode and the voice-activated mode, which blocks out all background noise for clearer transmission. The long lasting rechargeable batteries and AC adapters allow for flexibility. The water resistant units also have 5 sound-sensor activity lights to alert you when the baby is making noise. This is useful when the batteries are low or the unit is out of range (beeps to alert when unit is out of range).   The few negatives of the Sony BabyCall Nursery Monitor are:

  • Short range compared to other monitors
  • Extra sensitivity so you will hear every noise
  • There is still some interference
  • Susceptible to eavesdropping because it runs on the same frequency as other electronics (cordless phones etc)
  • Out of range beep goes off frequently

For an audio monitor, the Sony BabyCall Nursery Monitor is the cheapest on the market and despite its faults it is a great monitor to consider.