Womb Sounds Bear

Babies spend 9 months in the womb and then all of a sudden they are exposed to an unfamiliar world. As a result, some babies have a hard time sleeping or settling down. The Womb Sounds Bear by DexBaby soothes baby with rhythmic sounds of the womb which reminds them of the calm and security they felt in the womb. The sounds are authentic as they are recordings made from an actual womb. The Womb Sounds Bear is a soft cuddly toy and a sleep aid in one. Older children can cuddle with the toy but for smaller babies, the bear comes with straps to secure it to the side of a crib. The “gentle sleep” feature allows you to set the volume at the desired level and the sounds automatically shut off after 40 minutes to save batteries. For the babies happiness and parents sleep a $20 investment in the Womb Sounds Bear is not too bad.