Skip Hop Zoo Playspot

The recently released Zoo Playspot by Skip Hop is a bright, colorful, soft, cushiony mat for baby to play on. The 12 tiles features the face of Skip Hop’s monkey, owl, dog and bee. The EVA foam mat is BPA, Phthalate and PVC free so it is safe for babies from birth on up. Customize the mat using as less or as many tiles and in any configuration you want with the unique connector system (“X” pieces as connectors). The set includes 12  tiles that are 14 x 14 inches and 19 connector pieces (you will need only 16 so there are 3 extra). The Zoo Playspot is easy to keep clean by wiping down with a wet cloth. The overall mat  size is 56 x 42 inches and retails for $60.

Skip Hop also has a Playspot which consists of 20 tiles and come in 4 multiple color combinations. The overall mat is larger than the Zoo Mat at 70 x 42 inches and retails for $79.

Skip Hop mats are the only foam mats approved for babies under age 3 and is a great alternative to carpet. It is useful for a baby to sit on and fun for toddlers to play on.