BornFree Bottles

The pioneer in making BPA-free bottles is the Born Free company. Available in plastic or glass the BornFree bottles are completely safe and highly rated. The purpose of the Active Flow Venting Technology (2 part inner valve and air vent) is to eliminate colic symptoms such as spit up and gas (by eliminating vacuum build-up), prevent bottle leakage. Due to the venting system the bottle closely mimics the natural flow of mother’s milk that is brought on by the baby’s sucking. The low pressure is also known to reduce the risk of ear infections in babies and toddlers. The BornFree bottles have 5 different flow rate nipples.

BornFree also sells adapters that fit most standard breast pumps so milk can be directly pumped into the bottles. BornFree also makes 7 oz Trainer Cups, 9 oz Drinking Cups and bottles in 5 and 9 ounces. All the bottle and cup parts are interchangeable so the lifespan of the bottle is endless.

My older son would only use the BornFree Trainer Cups and Drinking Cups so we loved them. My one complaint – the spouts would get soft over time (from him chewing on it) and then the hole got wider leading to leakage so I had to buy a new spout every few months.

BornFree bottles are on the higher end of baby bottle prices but they are worth the money!