Smart Baby Monitor by Withings

How would you like to control your baby monitor with your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch? Imagine you are at dinner and your baby is at home with a babysitter and you want to see your baby and say goodnight but do not have a computer. Now you can do it simply by pulling out your iPhone and turning on the WithBaby application (free app). Released today, the French company Withings made its Smart Baby Monitor available in the US. The sleek looking Smart Baby Monitor detects sound, movement, temperature and humidity levels. The device is a camera in the baby room with the iOS device acting as the monitor. The hinge design of the monitor makes it easy to use. Open it up to turn on and shut it closed to turn it off. The Smart Baby Monitor is outfitted with a 3MP high resolution camera, extra-wide view lens, night vision, infrared LEDS and 4x zoom. From your phone, you can zoom in or out or rotate the camera angle around the room. When the lighting gets low in the room, the night vision automatically turns on. The 2 way microphone allows you to hear your baby and also talk to your baby through the iOS. You can even take a picture of your baby through the application – never miss those picture worthy moment. The high-tech Smart Baby Monitor also plays lullabies which can be changed or turned on or off from the iOS device. The customizable WithBaby application allows parents to set alarm alerts based on temperature/humidity level changes, activity/movement and audio levels. When you are not paying attention the the monitor at least the alarm will alert you of baby movement etc. When the WithBaby application is closed on your iOS device, the application is still running in the background so you can still listen for your baby. To connect the monitor, all you need is wifi, ethernet cable or bluetooth to your phone. An easy set-up and easy to use monitor.

The one issue is if you are using more demanding apps on your iOS device, you can interrupt the connection and may have to restart the WithBaby application.

The SmartBaby Monitor is fantastic for iOS using parents that work, travel or simply want a night out. Range and static is not an issue and it allows for flexibility that most home based monitors do not provide. The monitor can also be used as a security camera for your home when you are on vacation – a dual purpose monitor. The $299 price tag makes this an expensive baby item but the iOS compatibility makes it worth it.