Chicco Caddy Hook-on Chair Review

The Chicco Caddy Hook-on Chair is a highchair that hooks onto a table or counter bar. Using the quick-grip table clamp, the Caddy is easy to install and using the double-locking system. Once the Caddy is on the table, push 2 red knobs to clamp the chair to the table then twist the knobs to tighten the Caddy securely. The Caddy should not wiggle even a little if it is installed and tightened correctly. One warning, the Caddy is as stable as the table you attach it to, so make sure it is a secure and stable table. To remove the Caddy, twist the knobs to loosen then squeeze the release buttons on the clamp.

Features of the Caddy:

  • Hooks onto any table 3/4 of an inch up to 6 inches
  • Rubberized arm prevent table from scratching
  • Made of nylon
  • Comes in red or blue
  • Wipe clean but to really clean the seat pad, take the chair apart and throw the seat pad in the wash.
  • 3 point harness
  • Folds flat for storing but is very long when folded
  • Holds an independent sitting baby up to 37 pounds

The Caddy keeps your baby close to the table which means less food falling on the ground. Take it from me, when my kids were young, they managed to spill a lot of food on the floor it it was always a mess. I do not have a hook-on type high chair in my house or as a portable chair because I do not have an appropriate table for it but I can see how useful it would be. My one issue with buying it for restaurants is carrying one extra thing (it is flat but long) when you all ready have your hands full with a diaper bag, child etc. Also, you never know which restaurants it will and won’t work at so it can be a waste carrying it if it does not work.

Overall, I think the Chicco Caddy Hook-on Chair is a great buy for its price of about $35.