Fisher Price Cruisin Motion Soother Review

For most babies, a car ride means falling asleep. As a result, many parents intentionally take their baby for a ride just to help them fall asleep. Fisher Price found a way to eliminate those drives by introducing the Cruisin Motion Soother. This is not your typical vibrating bouncer, this seat actually mimics the motions of a car. The “Cruiz Ride Motion produces a gentle pulsing action.” The motor in the base makes the chair move slightly and even replicates the movements felt when the car goes over a bump or turns a corner. In addition the motor makes the hum of an engine to further replicate a car sound.¬†The deep seated chair even provides the same feel as a car seat.

Additional features:

  • Rotating toy bar with 3 toys – a car with a spinning ball, car keys and rear view mirror
  • Music and sounds (windshield wipers as rain hits the¬†windshield etc)
  • Machine washable seat pad
  • 4 D batteries
  • 3 point harness
  • Available in 3 colors – pink, blue, green
  • Use from birth to 25 pounds

The Cruisin Motion Soother is a decent alternative to a bouncer. I like the idea of these movements over a vibration that is on most bouncers. Also the amount of gas this seat can save you, may be your reason alone to buy it. Why not have the Cruisin Motion Soother at home and eliminate those late night drives!