Baby Trend Diaper Champ Deluxe Review

The new and “improved” Baby Trend Diaper Champ Deluxe is one of those baby items that comes assembled straight from them box. Basic and straightforward, this is a diaper pail that does not require batteries or special bags. The single hand control allows you to hold your baby and throw the diaper away while keeping the odors under control. To throw away a diaper, simply drop the diaper in the wide opening, flip the lever and the diaper is pushed down into the bag via the plunger.

The greatest point of the Diaper Champ is that you can use any bag.  To remove a bag full of dirty diapers, push the button on the front, pull up the blue and white tabs and take out the bag. Inserting a new bag is the same way as removing the bag except you only keep the top lever up and put the bag in.

The Diaper Champ comes in 2 colors – blue and pink with a white body. With a capacity of 30 diapers, it is large but smaller than the original. It also can be used with cloth or disposable diapers.

The cons of new the Diaper Champ:

  • Short – tall people have to lean over more and the capacity is less than the original
  • Top heavy – when the lid is open to change the bag the Champ tends to fall over
  • Does not seal well so the odor still does leak through

I have the original Diaper Champ and I like it but I do not keep it in my baby’s room – I keep it in the garage. I like that its 1-handed and that I can use plastic bags that I get from stores but I agree that the smell does leak through. I used to keep the Diaper Champ in the nursery when my first son was a newborn but once we started to notice a slight odor we moved it to the garage. The plastic diaper pails just tend to leach odor eventually…especially as your baby starts eating solids and the odor becomes stronger. I put baking soda at the bottom of the Champ which helps eliminate some odor but not 100%. I think the steel diaper pails are better for the fact that they contain the smell a lot better.