Stroller Safety Tips

To keep your baby safe, keep this tips in mind when using your stroller!
  • Use safety belt or harness at all times.
  • Always place stroller seat in a flat position for babies under 6 months (if they are not in a car seat or bassinet).
  • Make sure stroller is completely opened (a good habit is to push down on seat to make sure stroller is fully open) and brakes are locked when putting the baby in the stroller.
  • Always use the brakes when stopped. 
  • Use the basket instead of hanging bags off the handles – avoids the risk of stroller tipping over.
  • Never put hot liquids or sharp objects in the parent tray/cup holder.
  • Never leave child unattended in stroller.
  • Never allow children to stand in stroller.
  • Do not overload the stroller – follow the manufacturers recommended weight limits.
  • Return stroller warranty card so you can be warned of a recall.
  • Keep child away when folding or unfolding stroller to avoid pinched fingers.
  • When using a jogging stroller always use the safety strap that fits around the wrist.
  • Always make sure stroller is next to you when in a parking lot.
  • Put your child  in the car seat before putting the stroller away.
  • When crossing the street position stroller away from street before crossing.
  • Do not take a stroller with a child onto an escalator.
  • If you buy a stroller with a bassinet make sure it has safety harnesses and that the bassinet mattress is less than 1.5 inches thick.
  • Do not use a hand-me-down stroller without checking its history.