Sticky Bellies

When my son’s were babies, I tracked their monthly milestones by writing the month on a piece of paper and then I took a picture with my baby behind the paper. It was not the most glamorous way to track their monthly milestone but it worked. Until I was given the opportunity to review Sticky Bellies, I was doing the same rudimentary paper tracker for my daughter’s monthly milestones.

Sticky Bellies are removable and repositionable stickers that allow you to document your baby’s growth by sticking them onto clothing. No need to buy a fancy outfit for a monthly picture or iron on, these are easy to use, simply peel and stick.

The first Sticky Bellies sticker I used was for my daughter’s 3rd month birthday. I put her in a cute dress, stuck the sticker on and took many pictures. When we were done, I took the sticker off and put it on the paper to save (not sure for what but I can’t imagine throwing it away). These stickers are a brilliant ideal! I love how cute they look and that they even make a simple plain onesie look stylish.

If you are an expecting mom, you can partake in Sticky Bellies with their monthly pregnancy stickers. What a fun way to track the growth of your belly.

Sticky Bellies are made in girl themes, boy themes and neutral themes. For $14.99 you can’t go wrong buying these fun stickers!