Founded in 1999, the WubbaNub is a soft plush animal attached to a pacifier. Why is this useful you ask? Well imagine your baby loves their pacifier and it falls out of their mouth in the middle of the night and they wake up crying. The WubbaNub saves you the trouble of desperately searching for the pacifier because it is easy to find. Better than that, the pacifier has less of a chance of even falling out  due to careful calculations of weight and size. This makes it harder for the pacifier to fall out. It is also harder to lose a WubbaNub than a small pacifier that is not attached to anything.

The plush animal is filled with small safe beans. It is washing machine friendly, so therefore easy to clean. The pacifiers are the Soothie pacifiers used by many hospitals and loved by many babies. They are BPA, phthalate, PVC and latex free and easy to clean by sterilization. Available in many fun animals such as, monkey, elephant, frog, pony etc, the WubbaNub is sure to be a hit with your baby.

One downside is that the only pacifier option for the WubbaNub is the Soothie since it is sewn to the plush animal. If your baby has a preference for another pacifier then the WubbaNub will not work for them. Another downside is that when the pacifier wears out then that means it is time to invest in a new WubbaNub since the pacifier cannot be replaced. The $14 price tag is steep to replace but the brighter side is that there is less of a chance of losing and replacing the WubbaNub as opposed to a simple pacifier.