Roll n’ Go Car Seat Transporter

The Brica Roll n’ Go Car Seat Transporter turns your child’s car seat into an airport stroller. According to Brica, this recently released product uses a “universal attachment method [that]¬†quickly and securely attaches virtually all convertible and forward facing car seat.” This “hand truck” is a great way to get through the airport without extra bulk. To use the Transporter, simply pop out the wheels with the press of a button, pull out the telescoping handles and place the car seat on the Transporter so it attached to the back. The Safe-Sit Angle design keeps the car seat stable and your child safe (prevents from tipping over) and a locking system locks the car seat to the Transporter. When putting the Transporter away, simply fold the wheels flat, push in the handle and you have a slim and compact Transporter. Made of aricraft-grade aluminum and reinforced nylon the Transporter is lightweight for carrying. The in-line skate wheels ensure a smooth stroll for the parents and child.

When I saw the Roll n’ Go Car Seat Transporter, I instantly fell in love with the idea. I just came back from a trip and it is a major hassle carrying car seats and strollers and all your other gear through the airport. I love how the Transporter allows you to roll your car seat and do gate check so your child does not have to walk and you do not have to bring another stroller. It makes travelling so much easier. My only hesitation is the $79 price tag (currently reduced at Amazon). If you are a frequent flier then you will get a lot of mileage out of the Transporter and make it worth the investment.