Belly Wraps

Belly wraps are the hottest thing for postpartum women. They claim to reduce your belly size after baby. If you are skeptical about the benefits of belly wraps, read this article on WebMD.

If you are still intent on buying one after reading the article, then keep these tips in mind:

1.    The design that provides the most comprehensive support should be long enough to wrap the area from under the breast to just below the buttocks (so you can easily go to the bathroom when needed).  Most modern postpartum wraps only support the tummy area which is only one area of the healing process that is taking place.  A longer design takes into account the other organs that need temporary support as they shrink and become realigned.

2.    The type of material is also important so a rash doesn’t develop.  Unbleached cotton is recommended.

3.    The material should NOT be elastic as postpartum wraps are not meant to give or stretch as this compromises support to the organs.

4.    A postpartum wrap should be worn under loose clothes and tied as tightly as possible BUT NOT too tightly. You don’t want to cause major discomfort or cut off any circulation as it should be worn a minimum of 12 hours per day. For even better results wear it for 24 hours (taking off for bathing).

I never wore one after any of my pregnancies but now I wish I had. I am 3 1/2 months postpartum so I doubt it will benefit me now but when I read any belly wrap success stories then it makes me wish I had used it. I wonder if it would have pushed me back into shape faster. I am not saying go buy one but do your research before you jump the gun.