The Widge

I was recently sent a new iPad case that keeps your iPad safe while it is in you child’s hands. The Widge, by X-Doria is a red colored, “squishy” cover for the iPad 2 or iPad 3. Super durable and easy to clean, the Widge is a new way to protect your iPad. Ergonomically designed for children, the Widge has fat corners to make it easy to grab and a carry handle on the back. The 2 stand angles make it easy for your child to use the iPad without holding it.

I limit the iPad use with my boys but because I wanted to try out the Widge, I gave the iPad to them to use. The Widge made it easy for them to play, watch, use the iPad while it was on the floor. They could be hands free and do their thing with the iPad and when it came to picking up the iPad, if it falls from their hands, there is more protection. Also, the cover seems like it is made of silicone so the iPad has less of a chance of slipping out of their hands. The one thing that makes the Widge difficult to use is if you take the iPad for travel. Since the stand angles do not fold in, the cover is bulky. It is unfortunate because I take the iPad for my boys when we travel and it would be the perfect way to prop up the iPad when on the plane but because the Widge is bulky I will not be taking it anywhere with me but I will┬ádefinitely┬ábe using it at home. I do wish it came in other colors – more fun colors (blue, green, etc) but also more subdued colors (black, silver) so it does not stand out.

Available for $39.99 at X-Doria, the Widge is a safe and durable kid friendly iPad case.