Mombo from Comfort & Harmony

I was excited to be given the opportunity to review the new mombo from Comfort & Harmony. I have the Boppy and have used it for 3 babies but wow I like the mombo a lot better. I wish it existed 5 years ago!

Why is it better? Let me count the ways:

  1. Has Firm2Soft Construction for a unique two sided nursing pillow – 1 side is firm for feeding and  the other side is soft for baby to rest or play.
  2. Has a battery operated and removable vibrator that soothes baby as they rest in the mombo.
  3. 2 sided washable slip covers in different colors/patterns (Taggies slipcover also available).

The mombo is u-shaped like the Boppy so it is easy to wear and use. I noticed that it does stay on me   with a tighter and sturdier fit. It is also larger so when I feed my daughter, she is supported better. The flat/firm side makes it easy to rest her on the mombo while I am feeding and I do not have to hold her for risk of her rolling off. I really like the stability it provided when feeding her.  As for  the soft side, I was able to rest my daughter in the mombo and turn on the vibrator and she was content for quite a while. Instead of just laying in the Boppy and getting fussy, she was actually calm and content.

I am a huge fan of the mombo! It is similar in price to the other nursing pillows out there. While it is not completely different, it has the added features which makes it stand out. In a previous post, I compared the Boppy to the My Brest Friend but I think the mombo rivals those nursing pillows and will become a household name.

The mombo from Comfort and Harmony is sold exclusively at Babies R Us. Buy it now, you will be glad you did!