Lorex LIVE View Video Baby Monitor

I recently received the newly released Lorex LIVE View Video Baby Monitor and I don’t like it! I set it up in my sons’ room so I can keep an eye on them while in bed. The Lorex LIVE View is a sleek and stylish video monitor that runs on a “plug-and-play wireless system.” It looks nice but it does not work well.


  • 2.4″ LCD screen
  • Secure digital wireless signal – do not worry that the signal of your baby will get intercepted due to FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) technology
  • Wireless range is 150 ft indoor
  • Color day vision and automatic black and white night vision
  • Two way talk  intercom
  • 4 hours battery life with up to 7 hours on power save mode
  • Camera – can mount on wall, ceiling or rest on table/counter
  • Parent monitor – stand doubles as a belt clip
  • Sleep Mode – monitor display turns off to save power but audio monitoring remains on – the screen will light up when audio is detected
  • AC adapter included – plug in monitor for overnight use
  • Audio/visual alerts – green LED light when no audio is detected and turns to red as volume increases
  • Add up to 3 additional cameras as needed

The Lorex LIVE View is easy to set up and easy to use. The parent unit is really lightweight and compact. It i slim enough to almost rival the size of a cell phone (camera is the same size).  The buttons on the monitor are feather-touch which makes it easy to navigate and use but then there is also a lock mode so you don’t accidently press buttons when just carrying the monitor. The set-up on the parent monitor is simple and straightforward. I really love the clarity of the screen – it was amazing how well I could see my boys in day mode and night mode was actually really clear too. The two-way talk is so useful but it can use improvement. When my boys spoke, it was not as clear coming through and they were not able to understand me very well either. The HUGE negative is the wireless signal. It went out when I was walking around the house or even when I had the monitor in one place (I was definitely in the 150 ft indoor range). It was frustrating because once it went out, it would not come back on no matter what we did. I gave up on using it because of how often it lost the signal.

Overall, the Lorex LIVE View Video Baby Monitor is not worth it! You are never going to find a perfect video camera with perfect video clarity and perfect sound but the Lorex is definitely not even close to perfect.