Beaba Bib’secondes

Thanks to the patented steam heating system by Beaba, the BPA free Bib’secondes can heat a bottle of milk in 2 minutes or a jar of baby food in 5 minutes. What a lifesaver for those parents who have to warm up middle of the night bottles.

To use the Bib’secondes:

  1. Remove the dome and fill the reservoir base with water to the level indicated.
  2. Place the bottle (glass or plastic) without the lid, nipple or band in the base and tighten the dome.
  3. Select the quantity (size of bottle or jar) and temperature (is it refrigerated or room temperature to start off) on the dual programming dial. The indicator light will light up when started and turn off when complete. Due to the precise electronic timer, the bottle or jar will guarantee perfect temperature.
  4. Once heated, the bottle or jar remains warm for 10 minutes.
  5. When removing the bottle, exercise caution as the the bottle will be very hot near the empty part so only hold it hear the filled part.

A few words of caution:

  1. Beaba recommends taking the bottle or jar off the warmer once it is done so the milk or food does not get warmed even more as it sits on the warmer.
  2. Always test the food or milk before feeding it to your baby.
  3. If using a plastic bottle, use the BPA free adapter to make sure the bottle does not melt.

The Bib’secondes works great, operates silently and is compact for your counter top. If you want a fast functioning bottle warmer then the Bib’secondes is a good one. The Bib’secondes is more expensive (about $60) than other bottle warmers but Beaba is a wonderfully reliable company so buying a Bib’secondes means you will get a quality product

I never found the need to buy a bottle warmer (I used the traditional warm up water in the microwave and wait method) but if I were to invest in one, I would definitely look into one that is compact and that heats up bottles as fast as this one.