ciao! baby the-go-anywhere-high-chair

If your family often engages in outdoor activities then you are probably constantly looking for the next best portable and compact baby item. Well, now your search for a portable high chair is fulfilled with ciao! baby the-go-anywhere-high-chair. Ciao! baby is extremely  useful because you do not need another chair, table, counter or anything else to make it work. This one-piece, no assembly required high chair is so lightweight that it only weighs 8 pounds. To use the high chair, take it out of the included storage bag and open in seconds. Lock in place to use and then when done, close it in seconds. Made of durable material and an easy wipe clean vinyl tray cover, ciao! baby is great for any messy eater up to 3 years old. Your child even gets a cup holder for their drinks. The secure lap belt ensures that your child is safe in the ciao! baby!

While, I do not have a ciao! baby, I love the idea of an easy to go highchair for those summer picnics. I have a portable highchair strap that hooks onto a chair but it is useless during many of our outdoor summer acitivites since it needs a chair to be useful. If you see your family travelling often, whether it be for day trips, outdoor acitvites etc, the ciao! baby is a perfect option, that is if you are willing to spend $67.99 for a portable high chair that you will not use every day.