Belleche Nursing Cover

If you are looking for a nursing cover that provides a little more coverage than the standard then keep reading. The proudly USA made Belleche Nursing Cover by 2Jackaroo looks like an empire waist top that you can easily put on and take off. With multiple ways to wear the Belleche (over the shoulders straps, across your back straps or around your neck using 1 strap) you can ensure the best fit.


  • Under arm side panels to easily hold your baby but remain covered
  • Adjustable straps
  • Side slits to slip hands in to hold or touch baby
  • Sturdy and flexible neckline – keep an eye on your baby but still have neckline coverage
  • Ergonomically placed pockets to store nursing pads
  • 100% organic cotton lining
  • 10 designer fabrics

2Jackaroo also makes the Belleche Lite which looks like a traditional cover (does not look like an empire waist top) and it has a few less features. It does have side slits, a sturdy neckline and the same 10 fabric options but it that is it.

The Belleche Lite retails for $39.99 and the Belleche retails for $49.99.

I do not think the Belleche Lite is very different than most standard nursing covers but the Belleche is definitely more functional, useful and stylish!