Crayon Art for the Daily Buzz Moms 9×9 May Flowers

About a month ago, I was searching online for a project that my kids could make for my mom, their grandmother, for mother’s day. I found this fun idea using crayons (which we have a lot of). Making it and giving it to her would be our way of giving her flowers. If you are a house with toddlers/preschoolers then you probably have a lot of crayons laying around! My kids and I completed this amazing project and I failed to take pictures of the process so I am recreating the art for the Daily Buzz 9×9 May Flowers theme.


  • Canvas – any size (I used an 8 x 10)
  • Crayons – greens (I did not have enough greens since I did this project once before so I decided to mix in browns and yellows)
  • Hot Glue Gun (harder to use if you peel the paper from the crayons because the heat melts the crayons as you try to glue them on the canvas) or a strong glue
  • Hair dryer
  • Artificial flowers (can buy cheaply from the dollar store) or make your own flowers (I bought mine from Michael’s Craft store)


Gather as many crayons you will need to lay vertically on the short side of your canvas

Peel off all the paper from your crayons. This is not a must – the first time I did the project I left the paper on but this time I decided to peel all the paper off just to do something different. If your crayons are not all uniform (same brand) you may want to peel off the paper so you can’t tell the difference.
Glue the crayons onto the canvas and let dry.
Using a hair dryer melt the crayons. Prop up the canvas with the crayons pointing down and aim the hair dryer at the crayons until they start melting down. You want the crayons to melt and look like stems of flowers while the crayons are supposed to be the grass. Melt as you like, if stems are getting too long then turn off the hair dryer and let the crayons set before you turn it on again.
Add flowers as you see fit.

What do you think? I was pleased with the finished result. Some of my stems did run to the end of the canvas but I am still happy with it!