Itzy Ritzy Wrap and Roll

I just discovered a neat product that I had to share with our readers – the Itzy Ritzy Wrap and Roll  It is meant to make your life easier by reducing the items you carry in your diaper bag and make car seat carrying a little more comfortable. The Wrap and Roll is a circle-shaped, soft pad that wraps around the car seat handle and helps to cushion the car seat weight. When I carry my car seat without the stroller, it is heavy and painful on my arm so I can attest to how the Wrap and Roll would help. The second function is as a play mat, changing pad or blanket for your baby. Simply unstrap from the handle and unroll the 100% cotton and minky pad and you are set to use it. The Wrap and Roll is washable and comes with a flexible mirror and 3 toy loops. Sold for $29.99 the Wrap and Roll is available in many different design/colors.

Itzy Ritzy also makes matching car seat covers and many other useful items for baby!