Safe Paint for your Baby’s Nursery!

If you one of those moms who plans on creating a nursery in your house with new wall paint then you may want to use the newly released Lullaby Paints (new to US with a history in Europe). The reason is because traditional paints contain chemicals that are harmful for pregnant mom and baby. Even paints that advertise low or zero VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) still contain traces of harmful chemicals. All these traditional paints off-gas which releases harmful toxins that are inhaled long after the paint has dried. Lullaby Paints is different because they do not contain any harmful chemicals, toxins, solvents, glycols, Phthalates or VOCs. Lullaby Paints was made specifically for nurseries so they are completely safe for baby and mom!

With 8 designer color collections (32 colors) named after popular nursery rhymes and 1 chalkboard collection (16 colors), you are apt to find the color you want, especially with the finish you are looking for. There is even an option for custom color match if you can’t find exactly what you are looking for.

With a handy Coverage Calculator on the site, Lullaby Paints even helps you figure out how much paint you will need so you don’t end up over buying.

With an average price of about $70/gallon, Lullaby Paints are expensive but for the fact that they are 100% safe, green and organic, it is worth the money!