Baby K’tan Baby Carrier

I have always liked the idea of baby wearing but never got into it with any of my 3 children. I had a sling and wrap but never used them for my first 2 children. With my daughter we tried the Ergo but she did not like facing in so now we occasionally use the Baby Bjorn (I know the controversy over the hips but its the only one that works of the ones we have and we use it so rarely) so she can face out. My husband only wears it because baby carriers are just not comfortable enough for me. I think I would like a wrap better but I just could never master the Moby Wrap (I was overwhelmed by the endless fabric)  but now that I discovered the Baby K’tan, I wish I had known about it 6 months ago.

The Baby K’tan is a soft cotton carrier that can be worn like a wrap but does not require the wrapping or the extensive fabric. It is a “cross between a sling and a structured carrier.” The K’tan is 2 loops of fabric connected by another smaller loop, which is the Back Support Band. It takes some to figure out how to wear the loops of stretchy fabric the correct way.

Once it is partly on the K’tan can be configured to be worn in 8 different ways:

  • Kangaroo – for newborns up to 3 months (similar to sling wearing)
  • Hug – introduce at 2-3 months, front carrying but facing parent (as if baby and parent are hugging)
  • Adventure – introduce at 5+ months when baby has head control, baby is front carrying and forward facing
  • Explore – introduce at 5+ months when baby has head control, sling type wear but baby’s head is out of the fabric so they can see the world
  • 2 Hip – introduce when baby has full head and body control
  • Hip Carry
  • Back Carry
  • Twin carry

Facts of the K’tan:

  • Use from 8-35 lbs
  • Wide fabric distributes weight across back and shoulder
  • 100% natural cotton knit fabric with 1 way stretch
  • Discreet breastfeeding in the kangaroo position
  • Additional sash included – to provide more support
  • Matching hat included
  • Machine washable and dryer safe (for optimal fit wash and tumble dry)
  • No buckles or straps
  • Available in sizes XS, S, M, L and XL (must choose the right size to ensure comfort and safety of baby)
  • Comes in various color options
  • Option to personalize the carrier

The Baby K’tan is complicated to learn to use but by watching the tutorials on the website, you can learn fairly quickly. It just takes practice and of course making sure you have the correct size.



  • Complicated to figure out initially but once your get it then its easy
  • If mom and dad are not the same size then they can’t use the same K’tan since exact fit is imperative
  • Some say that it is not the best in support when wearing for a long time

The K’tan is an awesome soft carrier because of the multiple ways it can be worn, comfort and support. It can be frustrating to learn and get comfortable with but it is amazing once you figure it out. Most user reviews are positive and most users love using it!