A Video Monitor with a Touchscreen

As we get more and more dependent on touch screen phones, tablets and computers, it is no surprise that Summer Infant now has a touch screen video monitor. The BabyTouch™ Digital Video Monitor operates and looks like your smart phone by pressing the screen to pan, zoom, scan and change the brightness. The 3.5 color LCD screen and automatic black and white night vision, makes it easy to see your baby but it is still compact enough. You can talk to your baby through the monitor, which is great for babies but even better for older children. The 100% digital technology ensures the complete safety and security of your baby, no one can interfere with the signal and see your baby up to 400 ft away. The battery pack option for the camera makes it easy to take when travelling and the 10 hour rechargeable parent unit ensures long tern viewing without plugging in. The added perk is if you have more children, simply buy up to 3 additional cameras and the monitor automatically scans all 4 cameras.

More features for the parent:

  • Recharging base for the parent unit
  • Auto time out
  • LED sound lights
  • Belt clip
  • Flip stand
  • 1-touch video on-off button

The Summer Infant BabyTouch™ Digital Video Monitor has received good feedback and reviews. One complaint is that the docking base is light so when you take out the monitor the dock comes up too. This has no bearing on the camera function, which is amazing. Available for $200, the BabyTouch Video Monitor is expensive but if are willing to spend the money for a monitor as awesome as this, then you won’t be disappointed.