Safety 1st Baby Book App

In theory, many parents like the idea of chronicling their baby’s photos and milestones in a baby book. Yet with busy lives, and sleepless nights, it is hard finding the time to maintain a baby book. The one item we often have on hand is our phone. The Safety 1st Baby Book app is a FREE digital baby book.

The app includes:

  • Baby book – color coded, add to it on the go, save books for multiple children
  • Photos – take photos or import to your baby book
  • Notes – document the moments
  • Tags – assign tags to photos and notes
  • Tips and Articles – child safety tips, articles that are specific to your  child’s age etc.

Share your photos, notes and articles instantly via Facebook, Twitter or Email. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

This new app is the first of its kind so why not jump on the bandwagon. It is free and there is not reason not to have it. I have maintained a baby book for my children but I love how I can track everything in this app and then when I do have time I can transfer the info to my book. I never find the time to record in the book but I also worry that I will forget events or dates. The Safety 1st Baby Book app is the perfect compromise.