My Carry Potty

Potty trainers are tough because when they have to go, they have to go. There is no time to waste but sometimes you are not close to a potty so what do you do? When my boys were potty training and they were in that desperation mode we got close to accidents a few times. I think we even had an accident or 2 when out and about. The My Carry Potty eliminates that worry because it is a portable potty that looks like a small suitcase.

Made of high quality, durable plastic, the My Carry Potty is lightweight enough to carry every where you go. With a water-tight seal, it is completely leakproof and odor proof.

To use it, place the My Carry Potty on a flat surface with the handle facing away. Press the button and pull open the top and it is ready to use. As a bag-free potty, it saves the environment but then you store the contents in the potty until you get to a restroom. It is great for long drives, trips to the beach or park where restrooms are not readily available. Or in my case, if you have a few kids and you are by yourself, and one as to go, pull out the My Carry Potty and everyone is happy.

The My carry Potty is available in pink, blue and yellow. Your toddler can get excited about carrying their own potty in their own color so maybe this can help with the potty training process. If you can get your toddler to use it when out of the house then at least potty training is successful.

In theory the My Carry Potty sounds cool but I don’t think I would buy it because of the mess that remains in the potty until you can empty it. As much as the bag-free option is great for the enviroment, at least it contains the mess and you can throw the bag away. I am not sure I would be excited to have my child go and close up the potty and then have to clean it out later. Just does not sound appealing to me. If I were to buy a portable potty, I would buy the Potette.