Dreft Laundry Detergent

There are a lot of things to do to prepare for a baby. One of the items on the list is washing all your baby clothes, towels, bibs, blankets, burp clothes (basically anything that will touch your baby’s skin) with a baby safe laundry detergent. Babies skin is very sensitive and it is important to launder clothes with soap that has the least chance of causing a reaction. One such detergent that is made for babies is Dreft by Proctor and Gamble. Having been around for over 75 years and claiming to remove stains Dreft is the number one detergent¬†recommended¬†by Pediatricians. The one thing that most parents love about Dreft is its light but not overpowering scent…it does not make the clothes smell like a baby.

The cons of Dreft are significant:

Dreft is available in High Effiecincy (HE) Liquid Detergent, 2x Ultra Liquid Detergent and Ultra Powder Detergent and is easily available at retail stores and online.
If you are not so excited about spending the money on the expensive Dreft, here are 9 alternatives (there are many more not mentioned) that are safe for baby. One other option is using the store brand baby detergents such as Target or Babies R Us brands.