The Super Lightweight Crib Mattress

Who knew that buying a crib mattress would require so much research. As adults, we are picky about the mattress that we choose to sleep on so it only makes sense that we want to be picky about the mattress we choose for our baby. Lullaby Earth discovered that there was a lack in the crib mattress area. So, earlier this year they launched the first line of crib mattresses that are lightweight, affordable, non-toxic and recyclable.


  • Weighs only 7 lbs – yes the mattress only weighs 7 lbs which makes it super easy to change sheets
  • 6 inches thick
  • Core and cover made from 100% food grade PE foam
  • Cushioning made from 100% PETE
  • Waterproof due to PE foam – easy to clean
  • Firm surface with edge support
  • Free from harmful chemicals and allergens – completely free of polyurethane foam (including “soybean” foam blends), vinyl/PVC, polyurethane coated nylon or damask, PFC water-resistant treatments, antibacterial biocides and the various chemicals associated with these materials
  • Fire protection achieved from hydrated silica which is a harmless natural mineral
  • Limited lifetime warranty
Lullaby Earth make 2 mattresses to choose from, the Super Lightweight and the Super Lightweight 2-Stage. The only difference is that the 2-Stage has a firm, flat surface on one side and a softer surface on the other side for growing toddlers. Available for $159 and $199 respectively, the Lullaby Earth mattresses are not super expensive, baby-safe, recyclable and best of all it it lightweight (I despise changing the crib sheet because our mattress is so heavy).
The best thing about the Super Lightweight Crib Mattress is that I received one today for review. I was super excited that I was able to carry the huge box into the house. Sure it was big but it was light enough. I loved switching out the mattress and changing the crib sheet because it was so easy to do. At 7 pounds, I cannot complain about changing sheets anymore. Not only am I happy about the weight but I love that the mattress is 100% organic. It is safe for my baby and firm for her to sleep on. This is the best mattress ever!!
For more information about the Lullaby Earth crib mattress, see the video on YouTube.
* Disclosure: Other than receiving a free sample of the product from Lullaby Earth, I was not paid for any of the opinions or reviews expressed on this blog.