Is Your House Infested by Plush Toys?

Are stuffed toys/plush toys taking over your house? Need a way to contain them but still be accessible? The Boon Animal Bag is the answer to your plush toy infestation. Made of 100% polyester, the Animal Bag is a plush toys storage that doubles as a seat when stuffed with the plush toys. Measuring 24 x 22 x 12, the Animal Bag is large enough to store plenty of those toys. The mesh lid allows you to see the toys that are stuffed in the bag. Of course the Animal Bag it is BPA free and phthalte free and machine washable so it is perfectly safe for toddlers to play with and accidently get dirty. You can even pick the perfect color from blue, purple, orange, gray to complement your child’s room. Available for $50, the Boon Animal Bag is expensive but it carries the great name of Boon!