The BabaSling Baby Carrier

TheBabaSling is a newly designed baby sling by Joovy. This hammock style sling is a one size fits all sling. With 5 carrying positions and the option to nurse in 2 position while sling wearing, it really is super functional. Joovy says “As advocates for ‘baby wearing,’ we believe theBabaSling is the most amazingly versatile, easy to use sling on the market today.”

The fully adjustable straps and padded shoulder straps allow you to wear the sling on either shoulder. For infants there is a padded head support and railing to ensure the safety and comfort of baby. When you have a sleeping baby, simply press the quick-release buckle and avoid waking up your baby. Just for your peace of mind there is a second safety buckle for security. The 100% cotton BabaSling is machine washable so you can easily clean it. When you leave the house store small essentials in the pocket or take theBabaSling with you in the convenient travelling bag. You can even choose between many different fabric colors to match your style.

The 5 carrying positions of theBabaSling:

  • Sleeping Tiger – 0+ months
  • Koala Tiger – 0+ months
  • Easy Tiger –  0-4 months
  • Little Joey – 3+ months
  • Side Saddle – 3+ months

TheBabaSling allows you to remain close to your baby for a long time because you can use it from birth to 2 years (33 lbs max weight). Even though you can wear the sling up till 33 lbs, the one issue with sling wearing is that all the weight of the baby falls on 1 shoulder. Joovy does a great job with padding and comfort but the weight still gets to be heavy.

Baby wearing through all these stages can be confusing and difficult so it is important to know how to use the sling safely. It is confusing to figure out like most baby carriers but practice makes perfect. I have never mastered the art of baby wearing but Joovy videos definitely explained things and made it easy to understand.

I love how you can breastfeed while wearing theBabaSling, it allows for mobility and being discreet. As someone who dislikes sitting still, I would love to feed while doing what I have to do around the house – it would makes my life easier.

Joovy also makes a BabaSling Lite which 24% lighter than the original and an Organic BabaSling.  The Original and Lite are $99 and the Organic is $119.