Baby Brezza Quick Blend

Time is of the essence with babies, therefore the Baby Brezza Quick Blend is the perfect easy-to-use, fast-to-use blender. With a motor powerful enough to chop up ice, the Quick Blend actually blends raw or uncooked food that is hard or soft (it may be small but it is not weak). The one-touch operation makes it super easy to use. Press a button and the blender starts. The Quick Blend is BPA free with a container capacity of 17 oz/500 mL. Small enough to keep  on the counter without taking up too much space, the Quick Blend can always be accessible and useful at any given time. The greatest thing is that it can also be used for non-baby food (make your daily smoothie or anything else that needs a quick blend).

While some users love the Quick Blend, some people complain that it broke too easily/quickly after purchase. As much as I love the idea of the Quick Blend, I can’t recommend this product because of the reviews. Take a risk if you really want (it is a great concept) but know what the consequences are. For $30 you won’t break your bank but right now it is on sale for $20 at Amazon and $20 Babies R Us. At that price it is worth the purchase and risk.