HOTmilk Lingerie

In honor of National Breastfeeding Month, as declared by the United States Breastfeeding Committee, this weeks posts will be dedicated to products made to support breastfeeding moms. Many women do not feel good about themselves when pregnant and nursing. The founders of HOTmilk recongized the lack of sexy lingerie for pregnant and nursing mothers so 5 years ago they developed lingerie made to make women feel hot.

As a nursing mama, I was excited for the chance to review the Shimmer Feeding Camisole. Made of super soft modal cotton with a hint of satin (to give it shine) and lace (for the feminine touch), the Camisole is the perfect nursing top to sleep in for these hot summer nights. With supportive and wide straps, the clips on the straps are easy to undo one-handed.

The Shimmer Feeding Camisole is my new favorite top to wear at night. It was so comfortable with the awesome bra support and the loose but flattering fit. I wish I had more to get me through the rest of the summer but one will have to do for now. It is available for $55 in sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL and in 1 color that they call Angel Wing but looks like it is off white/very pale pink. I know it is expensive but if you can justify the cost by wearing it often during pregnancy and nursing then it just may be worth it…especially if it means feeling good about how you look!

HOTmilk also makes other great lingerie such as bras, briefs, feeding tops, nighties, pjs and they did not forget the men because they even have something for them.

If you haven’t visiting their site yet, what are you waiting for, go now!