Baby Bond Nursing Cover

With all the controversy about breastfeeding in public, many moms are looking for something discreet but easy to use in public.  Most nursing covers are a tent style where its made to cover the mom and the baby. The problem with the these covers is that research shows it is important for the baby to be able to maintain eye contact, interact and communicate with mom while nursing which they cannot do hidden under a tent (not to mention it can get hot in there too). The Baby Bond Nursing Cover is a unique design because it allows the baby to be visible and see mom but provides mom with the modesty she is looking for. Basically it is a sash that you wear over your top and you pull the layers of fabric apart so you can nurse.

There are 3 different types of Baby Bond Nursing Covers:

1. Original – sash style that allows you to nurse from the top of your shirt, has a built in burp cloth on the shoulder of the sash

2. Flex – just like the Original but has a removable burp cloth on the shoulder

3. Couture – double functioning nursing cover so its a sash and you can nurse from the top of your shirt or its a belly band and you can nurse from the bottom of your shirt

Features of all the Baby Bond Covers:

  • Adjustable
  • 100% cotton
  • 4 sizes for the Original and Flex (Couture is one size fits all)
  • Comes in different neutral colors – 3 colors for Original and Flex, 5 colors for Couture
  • Machine washable
  • Compact – folds into itself
  • Comes with a matching pouch
  • Made in the USA

The one downside is that it is not easy to put on the Baby Bond, you basically need 2 hands to get it on properly. The time and effort is not ideal if you have a screaming baby. To really understand how to use the Baby Bond, visit their website which has great videos and tutorials.