Milkscreen Alcohol

After 9 months of abstaining from alcohol, its nice to be able to enjoy a drink again. Many nursing moms are scared to drink because of alcohol in breastmilk. Well did you know that there is an over the counter test that allows you to check the alcohol level in your breastmilk before you feed your baby?

Milkscreen Alcohol “…detects the presence of alcohol at 13.1 mg/dL or greater in breast milk. Because everyone metabolizes alcohol differently, the amount of time it takes for the alcohol to leave your breast milk also varies. Alcohol is not trapped in breast milk, and draining your breasts will not expedite the elimination of the alcohol out of your system. Over time your body will naturally metabolize the alcohol from your breast milk but the only way to know for certain that the alcohol is gone is to test your breast milk.”

The Kit is easy to use: Saturate the test strip with breastmilk (either express or pump). After exactly 2 minutes check the strip. If there is any color change (brown) then there is alcohol at or above the level of 13.1 mg/dL.

“Milkscreen was created to help extend the life of breastfeeding. Many women wish to resume occasional low to moderate alcohol consumption after delivery, but often are concerned about the presence of alcohol in their breast milk. Maternal self-confidence is critical to maintaining breastfeeding so we created milkscreen to help give mom the peace of mind that her breast milk does not contain alcohol.”

Milkscreen is sold in packs of 8 strips for $14.99 or 20 strips for $24.99. Due to National Breastfeeding Month 2012, you can get 25% off Milkscreen by using code BAM25.

Milkscreen allows moms to feel like a “normal” person again. You can have a drink and relax without the worry. Milkscreen Alcohol is supported by lactation professionals so there is no reason to feel like a terrible mom because you need a drink.